Our Approach

HIBA is an Independent Association for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. 

Legislative policy is at the forefront of our Small Business support system for the state of Nebraska. This focus is where we can help shape policy and discuss the positive and negative effects of the old, new, and revised bills at the state, local and federal levels. More importantly, we always strive to protect the small business community when policy threatens their success.

Heartland Independent Business Association exists to help policymakers, educational institutions, the media, and the public understand complex issues that affect and connect Nebraskans’ health and prosperity.


Heartland takes a neutral and objective approach to analyzing and explaining public policy issues. We are not beholden to political, government, academic, or other organizations.


Our leadership and staff come from across the political spectrum. Still, we all believe that data and evidence create the best foundation for effective public policy.


Heartland provides information, analysis, and opportunities for learning and discussion. We will advocate for legislative proposals that encourage small business growth throughout Nebraska and will oppose policy that reduces opportunities for businesses to prosper.